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The Word Is Out seeks to ensure that the great treasure of the Bible is not lost to the global church.

Why We Do It

our strategy

At The Word Is Out we are convinced that no greater need exists in the world than helping people better understand God’s Word. In Africa, 22,000 people are converted to Christ every day. But 18,000 are lost every day, too. While the expansive growth of the church in Africa and Asia has been exciting to witness, it has also seen the emergence of troubling issues, most significantly the lack of a real biblical foundation.

How We Do It

International center for biblical Understanding - Zambia

The Word Is Out teaches hundreds pastors at our Center of Biblical Understanding in Zambia (many of whom have no access to theological training) how to correctly interpret and effectively teach and preach the Scriptures.

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This is not just a problem “out there.” The Word Is Out offers free domestic Inductive Bible Study seminars that will equip you and your congregation to become a better reader of the Bible. When we are better readers of the Bible we can become more effective witnesses for Christ.

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Join Dr. Meenan and various guests on The Word is Out podcast! The goal of this arm of the ministry is to make the Bible as accessible and understandable as possible.

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Achieving Biblical Literacy Worldwide.


The Word Is Out is a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote Biblical literacy worldwide by training leaders through international seminars and conferences. Their goal is to empower Church leaders globally to interpret and teach the Bible effectively. Through the Inductive Bible Study method, individuals are encouraged to deepen their love and commitment to Jesus by offering a structured approach to reading the Bible. This method encourages people to delve into the Scriptures systematically, enhancing their understanding of the Bible’s teachings.  Learn more.


Our Impact

10 Countries Reached
1120 Indigenous pastors reached through our conferences in Zambia
80 Students graduated our International Center for Biblical Understanding
102 Lay People in the US trained through our seminars
70 New ministries reached in 2022

Latest Updates

I have seen that God has relayed through His Word the very depths of His "heart" - to the point that, as I am knowing His Word better, I am knowing Him much intimately. It is shaping me in all areas of my life to align with His will in His Word.
I recognized the great potential this approach to the study of the Bible had FOR the Church and THROUGH the Church to the world.

What's Next

The Word Is Out in Myanmar! Miss Carol Lin, who recently graduated with her Master's in Biblical Studies, is eager to build with us the next International Center for Biblical Understanding in Myanmar. She says, "My prayer for my developing country is that Myanmar people, especially Christian pastors and leaders, will understand God’s word authentically like other solid Christian leaders around the world. Now that I have completed my degree and began my training as a teacher, I deeply wish to come back to my homeland and serve the Lord for my people. Together with TWIO, I am ready to help and train leaders in Myanmar to better understand and interpret God’s word.”

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