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Consider Joining our $9 Campaign for our Center for Biblical Understanding in Zambia

The church is growing mightily in Africa! In fact, research suggests that Africa is poised to be the next center for global Christianity. However, this good news comes with some bad news. While the church is growing exponentially, in some cases where we serve, it is doing so on very little or no biblical foundation. This raises a HUGE question: If Africa is poised to be the center for global Christianity, what will the future of the church look like?

Pastors training at our Center for Biblical Understanding in Lusaka are seeing the sobering reality of what false gospels can do to the church. If we want the future of Christianity to be healthy, vibrant and life-giving, then we have to address the desperate need for sound biblical training.

Your gift of just $9 a month — only 30 cents a day — will help people in Zambia become better readers of the Bible. And when they become better readers of the Bible, odds are good that they will love and follow Jesus more faithfully. After all, lasting change in a world in need of much repair comes only from God, as He reveals himself in the Bible. In order to reflect Him we must deeply know Him. Together we can give Africa what she needs!

It has never been easier to partner with us. You can do so for just $9 a month. Please consider fasting for one meal to help us get The Word out.

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