Our Mission

Mission:  Our mission is to acquaint followers of Christ with the source documents of their faith.

Vision:  Our vision is…

  • countless Believers in many nations & cultures deeply rooted in a better understanding of God’s Word, and
  • able to teach & train others for effective & long-lasting church growth, and
  • living a Spirit-led life recognizing the authority of God’s Word in all of life & witness.


  • The foundation of Christian belief is the Bible, God’s Word to humankind.
  • We affirm the Bible to be, by the inspiration of God’s Holy Spirit, the uniquely divine and authoritative Word of the living God.  Its truths are therefore infallible and completely trustworthy.
  • As a record of God’s dealings with humankind in both revealing Himself and declaring His desires for us, we are convinced that authentic Christian doctrine and thought needs to arise from an exhaustive understanding of the Biblical material.
  • Such reliability and importance in discovery must therefore be based upon thorough observation, reasoned interpretation, critical evaluation, earnest application and integrated correlation of the Biblical text.


Our core values establish us as an organization committed to…

  • Kingdom Building:  We deeply desire to honor Christ, build up His Body (which is the Church), and encourage His people as ambassadors of His kingdom.
  • Biblical Authority:  We live and interpret Scripture as accurately and authentically as possible, recognizing God’s Word is the final authority for life and witness.
  • Inductive Methodology:  Our inductive study approach will emphasize observation of the Biblical material within the context of the whole book in which the Scripture is given.
  • Global Focus:  Our goal is to provide the training resources to enable Believers (particularly in the non-western world) to accomplish the task of acquainting others with the source documents of their faith.  We will do this in culturally relevant ways to maximize understanding and application of Biblical material.