What is “Inductive” Bible Study, and why does it matter?

The Word Is Out is pleased to offer seminars introducing the basic principles of Inductive Bible Study (IBS) at no cost to local churches, ministry networks, faculty groups, and para-church organizations. The aim of the seminars is to demonstrate inductive reading principles at work using familiar texts from Scripture—sometimes with surprising results! The whole point of a seminar is for participants to “come and see” what inductive Bible reading offers.

FORMAT: Seminars can be held in classrooms, auditoriums, fellowship halls and even in homes. They can take place as part of regularly-scheduled gatherings (such as weekly Bible study or Sunday school classes), or they can be offered as standalone events on Saturday morning, Sunday afternoon, or whenever is most conducive to the host group. The length of a seminar can be tailored to fit the needs of the group, ranging from 45-minutes to 2-hours.

COST: Seminars are offered completely free of charge to groups. The only costs host sites may incur, aside from venue and hospitality expenses, are for materials (printouts, participant note-taking paper and colored pencils). The Word Is Out will cover the costs for the instructor travel and lodging.

To learn more about our seminars or to schedule a seminar for your group, please contact us at [email protected].

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