Section 3


The Word Is Out seeks to address this challenge of Biblical literacy by offering engaging discipleship tools that guide the learner through an in-depth, inductive study of all 66 books of the Holy Scriptures.

Building Holy and Healthy Lives

God comes to us in free and undeserved favor in His Word and in the person of Jesus Christ who lived, died, and rose for us that we might belong to God and serve Christ in the world.

Experience God’s Word

It is not enough to learn the Word without experiencing God. It is also not enough to rest on experience without knowing God’s Word. In order to fully experience God and have Him living and active in our lives, we must have both. Your experience of God will move to a new level when the Living Word and the written Word come together.

Guidance in a Misguided World

God's Word is a lamp, a light that illuminates the darkness. If a person walks through the woods at night, he is well served to have a flashlight with him to shine it on the ground in front of him so that his feet do not trip over a snag in the path, or his shins do not encounter a boulder or fallen log. Psalm 119:105