Our Strategy

Global Seminars and Conference

HAVING ESTABLISHED relationships with pastors, seminaries, and other ministries throughout Africa, Asia and India, The Word Is Out holds conferences and seminars with cooperation of leaders and institutions within host countries.

During seminars and conferences, The Word Is Out teaching materials are made available to attendees. Trained pastors, seminary professors and missionary teams lead The Word Is Out courses. The Inductive Bible Studies methodology used in The Word Is Out materials allows pastors to continue their biblical education on their own.

Champions Program

DURING OUR CONFERENCES and seminars, certain pastors demonstrate exceptional intellectual and leadership gifts. The Word Is Out then begins a vetting process concerning the possibility of these individuals becoming part of The Word Is Out Champion’s Program.

Through its partnership with Asbury Theological Seminary, The Word Is Out maximizes it’s commitment to bring seminary-quality teaching directly to indigenous pastors and church leaders. After completing two years at Asbury Theological Seminary, Champions return to their home country with a Masters in Biblical Studies.

Steeped in The Word Is Out methodology, they use it in their own churches and by overseeing a Center For Biblical Understanding in order to bring Biblical literacy to their home country.

Centers For Biblical Understanding

WHILE THE WORD IS OUT does not seek to create seminaries, our relationship with existing seminaries works well for our mission. We recognize that the vast majority of pastors cannot afford seminary and do not have time for it.

To meet this need, The Word Is Out creates Centers for Biblical Understanding, places where The Word Is Out teaching materials are available for pastors and where Champions and trained staff provide continuing education and refresher courses.

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