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Why The Word Is Out?

  • Biblical Authority
  • Inductive Methodology
  • Global Focus
  • Kingdom Building
  • Training Indigenous Leaders

The Word Is Out – A mission based nonprofit organization fostering Biblical literacy by developing leaders through Biblical education

The Word Is Out is a mission based nonprofit organization that seeks to bring Biblical literacy to the world by leaders through global seminars and conferences, equipping Church leaders globally to be competent interpreters and teachers of the Bible. Biblical literacy is the study and understanding of the Bible, and the ability to call upon that understanding of the Bible to teach and spread the word of God. This mission based nonprofit organization hosts global seminars and conferences all over the world, choosing dedicated leaders to go through the Champions Program to bring The Inductive Bible Study method back to their home country in order to facilitate a Center for Biblical Understanding. We believe it is important to root our foundation in Faith in the authentic Christian doctrine, and that a deep understanding of the Bible will not only transform the teacher, but all those that they impact by bringing a deeper biblical literacy of the Bible to. Due to this strategy, we have been able to bring The Word Is Out methodology and the Word of God to twelve different countries across North America, Africa, Asia and India.