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Since its inception in 2006, The Word Is Out (TWIO) has established work throughout Asia, Africa and North America. The goal of our efforts is to make available the training of pastors and church leaders in the most effective means of Bible interpretation.

We have launched a Centre of Biblical Understanding in Lusaka under the leadership of Mr. Zulu who holds a Masters of Art degree in Biblical Studies from the prestigious Asbury Theological Seminary in the USA.

As a qualified TWIO hermeneutics instructor, Mr. Zulu has laid the foundation for our Centre of Biblical Understanding (CBU) in Zambia. We are serious about working with the church in Zambia to train at the highest possible level those who proclaim God’s living Word.

Our Centers are aimed at those who, for whatever reason, cannot attend schools of theology. Our purpose is to make available vital teaching on the best ways to understand the Bible to those who might otherwise never benefit from such education.

Our inductive approach to study will train those who attend to accurately uncover the message of the biblical writers, how they communicate and what is to be learned for the upbuilding of the Church today.


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Update on the CBU

By Sam Lael Mwase Zulu

After the June 2016 Conference to launch the Zambia Centre for Biblical Understanding, the CBU commenced its operations on Monday September 5, 2016.


Dr. David Bauer’s Book Inductive Bible Study (A Comprehensive Guide to the Practice of Hermeneutics) is essentially what we are using as our syllabus. I have also incorporated some of the IBS material on the Book of Matthew, Hebrews, Acts that I did with Dr. Bauer and also from the Historical Books and Psalms that I did with Dr. Michael Matlock. Of course I do sometimes make reference to the other IBS books such Methodical Bible Study (by Robert A. Traina) and Bible Study That Works (by David L.Thompson).

I am really impressed with how much the students are assimilating the IBS material. I think it has much to do with how I have structured the syllabus. I have put it in such a way that the students are able to comprehend the necessary steps that are needed for them in this initial learning process of IBS. I am hoping that many of these students will be available for the May 2017 conference to showcase their newly acquired skills in IBS.

My Daily Schedule

My office hours are three hours before class on Monday and Wednesday and three hours after class on Tuesday and Thursday with no designated office hours on Friday. Friday is the only day in each week that we’ve both the morning and the evening class. Saturday I go through the IBS material to help those that are lagging behind in their understanding of the course material.


The Center is currently renting a classroom at Bethel Bible College. This Bible College is under the Church of God (Cathedral of Praise). We hope to soon outgrow this space.

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