Dr. Alan Meenan : Founder/President

Dr. Alan Meenan


Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Alan has studied at Queen's University in Belfast, University of Edinburgh, Asbury Theological Seminary inKentucky, and Yale University.  A pastor for over 30 years, Alan's consistent focus in ministry has been to facilitate an effective understanding of the Word of God.  Motivated by Psalms 96.3,  "Declaring His glory among the nations”, Alan's desire has always been to inspire people to a life of study, devotion and witness.  He has preached throughout North America, Europe, Africa and India and has led Bible oriented tours to Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Alan believes the Western church is strategically positioned for incredible outreach, both to support the non-Western church in teaching and training and to help evangelize those in spiritual need anywhere in God's kingdom.  He prays for worldwide revival and senses God's calling him to make a contribution to the global enterprise of the gospel.

Anthony Barnao : Director of Special Events and Projects

Anthony Barnao

Director of Special Events and Projects

Anthony brings thirty-five years of experience as a teacher, career counselor and entertainment industry professional to his position with T.W.I.O.  As a former Network Executive with CBS, as a producer and as a director, Anthony has supervised projects on both small and large scales. His strong admiration for and dedication to Dr. Meenan's teaching and the life-changing mission trips to Africa he has taken opened Anthony's heart and enabled him to hear the Lord call him to this ministry.  He is honored to be able to use the experiences, wisdom and gifts with which the Lord has blessed him to help bring God's Word and the message of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to the world.

National Board

David Bauer, Ph.D.
Ralph Waldo Beeson Professor of Inductive Biblical Studies
Dean of the School of Biblical Interpretation
Asbury Theological Seminary

Richard Haney, Ph.D.
Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship (Executive Director)

Alan Meenan, Ph.D.
The Word Is Out (Founder, President)
Church for the Nations (Former Senior Pastor)
West Africa Theological Seminary (Adjunct Professor)

Joseph Mills, Ph.D.
White Stone Ministries (Chairman of the Board, CFO)
Boeing Aerospace (VP, Retired)

Stan Morris
First Presbyterian Church of Amarillo (Deacon, Elder)
Regional Texas CPA Firm (Former Firm Administrator)

Malcom Myers
Elijah House Academy (Board of Directors)
Parker Foundation (Former Director)

Kip Perry
Parking Lot Productions, Inc. (President/Producer)

Faye Rivers
Community Bible Study (Teaching Director)
Christian Counseling and Training Center (Former Teacher, Board of Directors)

Glenn Sandridge
Bonnier Corporation (Director of Brand Strategies)

Teena Smith
The Word Is Out (Chairperson of National Board)
Bible-Knowledge.Org (Founder)
Center for Community and Family, Inc. (Director of Public Relations, Retired)

Jeff Whattam
Calvary Chapel (Founding Elder and church planter)
MSJ Lexington, LLC (Founder and Owner)
CentrAlert, Inc (Founder and President)
SAFER Services Corporation (Founder and President)

Luke Post