Q&A with Florence Wachira, TWIO Champion

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What city and country are you from? Nairobi, Kenya

What prompted you to apply to come study in the US? The need for further training for effective ministry.

How much longer do you have in your program at Asbury? 1 year

Are you involved in the social life on campus? Yes! I am part of a single women’s bible study, a women’s worship night, an international single ladies Bible study and prayer group. I also attend an African fellowship pot luck once a month and often spend time with friends in my dorm.

What was surprising for you about living in the USA? The US is very fast paced. People are so busy that you can’t be spontaneous; you can’t just show up somewhere, you have to make appointments.

Is life in the United States different than the town you are from? Many things are different. One thing is that you don’t see people walking here, everyone drives.  There is little interaction with people because they are busy. At home there are people walking everywhere. Something else different at home is that we have nature accessible  even in the city. There is Nairobi National Park with beautiful scenery and wild animals. I used to go there often.

How many people are in your church? Approximately 400

What do you think are the greatest needs for the Church in Kenya?  In a general sense there is need for more formal training. The Kenya church is growing rapidly.  People are coming to Christ through street preachers, big meetings, open-air camps, crusades. A problem in Kenya is false preachers. Some fake miracles or take advantage of new converts by asking for money. 

Do you feel that you will be equipped to to train pastors once you complete your Masters in Biblical Studies? To some extent. The need for a high standard in training is very great. There are Bible schools in Kenya but few offer a masters level course. I am interested in pursuing a Ph.D. so that I can teach a higher standard. 

What do you think the challenges are in establishing a Center for Biblical Understanding (CBU) in Kenya? Denominations in Africa are skeptical  of para-church organizations. Because TWIO is non-denominational it may take some time to prove that we are theologically sound. 

How has this experience changed how you see yourself and the world? I see my time here as a learning experience not only academically but through my interactions with people, which has helped me to see things from a different perspective. I am learning to be able to appreciate others’ perspectives culturally, lifestyle, worldview, etc. I am being opened to do things differently. I am seeing that no matter what country, God works the same thing in a different context. I am becoming more appreciative of the different ways God deals with humanity.  

How can we help you succeed? I would greatly appreciate your prayers for what we are hoping to do after my studies. We will need funding for housing, salary, a building, etc. for a Center for Biblical Understanding (CBU). I am seeking God’s direction for what a CBU will look like specifically. I am praying for passion, academic strength, and that my calling would be made clear. I want to have a strong sense of how God is leading in the future and I desire to connect with other people wanting the same thing.

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