Lael Zulu, Pastor and Champion NDOLA, ZAMBIA

How much longer do you have in your program at Asbury? I will graduate in the Fall 201510835320_849238645098264_8432818556314010020_o

What was surprising for you about living in the USA? There are many opportunities in this country and anyone can pursue their dream. By working hard you can succeed in life (that is not the case in my country). There is plenty in this country that can be used to raise the living standard of other countries but unfortunately much of it is going to waste.

Is life in the United States different than the town you are from? Yes, people in Ndola are very ubuntu (often used to mean “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity”). This is deeply rooted in our culture: we are a family even though we have different parents; your brothers and sisters are my relatives; your children are my children; your pain is my pain; your enemies are my enemies; my success or joy is yours to enjoy. The social links in Ndola are far stronger than what I’ve seen here in the USA where you must mind your own business.

Can you describe what your life was like back home? I have been involved with Church work most of my life, starting in 1997. In 2007, I took up a role as a pastor and since then I’ve been actively been involved with Church business in Zambia.

How many people are in your church? Between 200 and 300 members in 7 branch Churches.

What do you think are their greatest needs? Education (basic skills – a trade) and employment (which would help them put food on the table). 

How do you think we can help you succeed? Support TWIO in its vision of setting up a Center for Biblical Understanding in Zambia. By doing that you will help me succeed.

What prompted you to apply to come study in the US? The opportunity came my way under the auspices of the TWIO to take up my studies at Asbury Seminary with the view of working with TWIO in my country (no one in his right mind would turn down such an offer).

How has this experience changed how you see yourself? My approach in the way I study the Bible has drastically changed. I am now better equipped to teach and preach the Word of God. I am better equipped to handle the Bible and effectively use it to reach others for Christ.

How has this experience changed how you see the world? Every platform I am given is an opportunity to reach people for Christ. People of different backgrounds or of different status in society are now a potential target of my ministry.

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